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Probably silly questions but here goes..


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I'm wondering about two things...

1) I have a type cover - I shouldn't have any concern with leaving it on the surface even when closed? Should be fine but making sure

2) Wacom pen - not something that can scratch screen?

I guess I'm overly concerned but want to be sure I don't mess this thing up :)
I was thinking the same thing, which is why I bought the touch keyboard for it's softer surface. Now that I have he touch keyboard, I really like it.
Gorilla glass is much harder than either the type keyboard or the stylus tip, neither can possibly scratch it. I heard from a guy that used to rake a dinner fork across the glass to prove how tough it was, and he claimed there was never a scratch, and this is probably true, but if I ever met him in person I would hide both my tablet and silverware.
The gorilla glass itself is very strong. I don't know if MS does this, but often there is an oleophobic coating on the glass which CAN be scratched. If you see scratches on modern high-end phones, it's probably in that coating not the glass.
You could use those clear screen protectors for some added security. Just take your time installing it to avoid air bubbles.