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scratch on gorilla glass, with type cover....


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I use a thin lint free cloth in be/w screen and type keyboard. It ensures no scratching of keys on the screen when inside my Incipio case.


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This is the second surface pro for me. The first one had a scratch on the screen on the upper left of the screen (on the black border). MS store has replaced the previous one and I have a protection plan. Now this one also has the same scratch on the same area of the screen. Bummer. Anyone else having such issues with getting scratches on the gorilla glass despite having a cover?

Could it have something to do with the type cover? I'm bringing mine back to have it replaced, and probably buy a touch cover to use as daily cover instead of the type cover....

I had this same problem with my Surface Pro. Later I realized it was because of the stylus. There was a little nick in the plastic that was causing it to dig in whenever I put force on it with the stylus (using fresh paint). Other than that, the screen is resilient to scratches. I make 100% sure now with my Surface Pro 2 that I never drop my stylus, and when I do I will make sure the tip doesn't have such a flaw.