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Problem syncing mail


I'm trying to set up an IMAP exchange with my ISP.

Settings I've chosen are --
Account name -- name
Your name -- name@domain.com
Download new email -- As items arrive
Download email from -- The last 2 weeks
Content to sync -- Email is checked
Automatically download external images -- On
Use an email signature -- Yes (signature is "Bill")
Email address -- name@domain.com
Password -- xxxxxxx (verified correct)
Email username -- name@domain.com
Incoming email server -- mail.domain.com
Port -- 993 (My ISP specifies this port)
Server requires SSL -- checked
Outgoing email server -- mail.domain.com
Port -- 587 (My ISP specifies this port)
Server requires SSL -- checked
Outgoing server requires authentication -- checked
Use the same username and password to send and receive email -- checked

Special folders are all blank.
(email address and server id are correct for my setup)
My ISP has verified the settings are correct. I can receive messages OK but sending does not work. By initiating a sync and watching the upper right corner of the screen I see "syncing" then "name@domain.com is unavailable" with no further information.

Can someone tell me what is causing the failure? Where can I get more information - some log somewhere?