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Due to the fact that there was recent email outage at Cox I have decided to move my email over to gmail. I use one gmail account for registering for website that require an email for a userid, I will call this my main account. I use another gmail account for all of my email ([email protected]), to and from, I will call this my vanity account. I have set my gmail account up to use my vanity account for all email that is sent and gmail will check in bring in all email sent to my vanity account. With this method I can log into my main gmail account and check mail, buy app with my android tablet and phone. It might sound complicated but, it works for me.

When I set up my new computer I used my Cox email address for my account in Windows 8.

So I just attached my vanity gmail account to the mail app and sent myself a test message. The problem is that the sent mail shows my Windows 8 account as the email address I sent the email from. I went into settings and could not find a method that will attach the gmail address for outgoing mail.

Is there a setting that I am missing in the settings or is there another way to do what I want? If not, is there another mail app that you guys are using that works better?