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Problem updating my Surface..Error code 8024200D

So I have been trying in vain to update my Surface to the 8.1 update.

I have no idea what in the world is going on. I'll go check for the update, hit install and then it'll say it is downloading. After awhile it'll say Preparing to install and start loading.

Only then it'll say "There was a problem installing updates"
I click get more info and I get

Get help with error 8024200D though i am not sure what it is and i looked on the website and was unable to find anything.
I wouldn't care normally but seeing as this update is mandatory i do sort of need to figure it out. I thought maybe it was giving me issues
because it was day 1 of the update and everyone was downloading it but i don't think that is.

Any help?

Edit: I manual updated and fixed it.
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I found the instructions. I looked at the update history for my surface pro-2 and saw it us unsuccessful in installing KB2919355. So I downloaded it and when I tried to install it said it wasn't applicable to my unit. ANy suggestions? (It suggested I confirm a previous update ending in 42, and that had been successfully installed)


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Windows Update error 8024200d
To run the Windows Updater Troubleshooter in Windows 8 (as the link above is for Win7), Start > type: Troubleshooting > select: Troubleshooting.
And click on the blue link: Fix problem with Windows Update.
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Do a refresh or just the restore windows (reinstall) option. I had to do that to get the last firmware update installed. Take advantage of the tech support at Microsoft, I did, and they ended up just telling me to do the refresh. Well, I don't have squat installed in the metro interface except for a game or 2, so I just did the complete wipe because with either option all of my desktop apps were going to have to be reinstalled. I think the process to do the complete reinstall took 15 minutes tops? Probably another 30 minutes to Windows reinstalling all of the updates and then the time for your desktop programs.