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Firmware Update, October 24th - Problem?


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I had exactly the same problem. Ended up doing 3 restores and still couldn't resolved. However, it is now fixed!!!

Here's what to do:

1). Restore your PC

2). Manually update the Telemetry driver by:
•Downloading the drivers manually from the Microsoft Download Centre (Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 update rollup: October 2013) and unzip it
•Go to your device manager and Select the device that's not working (Typcover Telemetry in this case) and click update driver.
•Then search on your PC for the package you downloaded to find the correct driver (in the Microsoft folder). It should successfully update and the yellow ! icon will disappear

3) RESTART - this is important at every step, I've found.

4) Create Recovery Point - this is also important at every step so you can go back in time if it fails. Better to have more than one in case one fails.
•Goto your start screen and start typing 'Recovery', then select 'Create Restore Point'

5) Start Installing your programmes. AFTER EACH ONE or SET of programmes, RESTART and CREATE RECOVERING POINT

6) Run Windows Update (Desktop Mode) and right click on the Firmware update to 'Hide' the update.

7) Then run the windows updates, RESTARTING AND CREATING RECOVERY POINTS with each install (DO NOT INSTALL THE FIRMWARE YET)

8) Once all your programmes and updates (excluding the firmware update) are installed:
•Goto Device Manager
•Select the Network Adaptors dropdown and pick the Marvel Wireless controller
•Choose Update Driver and manually install the driver from the package you downloaded at Step 2


10) Check for any other updates and RESTART / CREATE RESTORE POINT (just to be safe).

11) Go back to Windows Update (Desktop version) and click 'Restore Hidden Updates'
•Select the Firmware Update and choose Restore
•Windows update will run again and tell you that you have a firmware update available.
•Select the update and click - INSTALL AND RESTART

12) When the system restarts, everything should be updated with Wireless working and no ! or ? icons in your Device Manager.

If the firmware still fails

IF the firmware does fail, you've created lots of Restore Points along the way to go back in time and find a spot where the WiFi was working (it will recover). Best to run the Restore Points from the Modern UI:
•Goto Start Screen, and type 'RECOVERY'
•When the PC restarts in recovery mode, goto Advanced and select Restore Recovery Point

I've found this to be more reliable than doing it from the Desktop.

Turn Automatic Updates Off

Another thing I did was turn the Automatic Windows Updates off, requiring windows to download and ASK if I want to install any updates. May not be part of the solution, but at least you won't download an update without creating a restore point first!

Hope this helps. Please let me know how you get on with it. I've not found any easier solutions anywhere online and the issue only appears to be with those of us who downloaded the firmware AFTER doing a restore / refresh of our PCs first.