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Problems running Hyper-V?


I've search this forum for issues with running Hyper-V. I see that you will lose Connected Standby. Also I see that alot of people disable it after activating the hidden power options. Is there anything else I need to be aware of before doing this?

I'm in need of running Hyper-V due to a training class I'm taking next week requiring Server 2008 R2 in a VM to be installed on my SP3 for the 3 days. I'm using the i7/8/512.


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Hyper-V works fine for the most part on the SP3 (i5 or above), it disables the Power Management Scheme of Connected Standby, so hibernation is your only option outside of shutting it down. It will also cause some issues with the WLAN (PCIe Bus actually) where the card will not resume from hibernation.


Okay, I see that I need to set it to an "always on" scheme next week to avoid issues. Afterwards I will just disable Hyper-V and set it back to normal setup. Thank you.