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SP3 Reliability

I would like to have the return stats from Microsoft....
Indeed I already hasd to return 2 different SP3 successively:
- on the first one, after 2 months, the touch screen was not sensitive anymore on the upper part
- on the second one, reconditioned exchange, the wifi doesn't work anymore (Marvell device KO) and the audio jack doesn't work anymore.
The question is: how many times will I return my SP3 to Microsoft for an exchange... until the end of the 2 years warranty?
And then, the lack of reliability will lead to a 1000€ lost. Unacceptable for a said "Professional" device...
In a year I've returned one because, apparently, the SSD died. Not to be the bringer of chronic depression, but I just read in another thread where one owner has returned seven (7) SP3's in 12 months. The one he has now is a new one (not refurbished) with Win10 preinstalled (really new) and he said it's behaving like a dream.
I have to say I haven't had any issues with my SP3 i7 and I have had it for about 9 months now.

I like the form factor and the way it works.

I did like the knockoff from Lenovo though, the Miix 700 I think it is called. Worth a look.