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Program: Different behavior with disconnected keyboard


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Hi guys,

I tried to find a solution by searching a lot here and on the web but I couldn't..
Here's my problem:

I launch a 3DVIA Studio program on the Surface. It's not designed to work on a tablet. It's designed to work on a PC but somehow it's working quite well on it but ONLY when I have the keyboard connected to Surface.

If I launch the program while the keyboard is disconnected I have a different behavior when I'm using the "zoom" feature with my 2 fingers. Indeed it's like the zoom event goes in loop and thus I'm going gorward infinitely.. Same goes for the "Unzoom" feature.

Do you guys have an idea on how a missing keyboard can affect touch events ?

Precision: when I launch the program, it goes automatically in fullscreen mode.

Thanks in advance for your help !