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Logitech K810 keyboard and 9/9/14 firmware update


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My Logitech K810 keyboard hasn't worked correctly since I updated to the latest SP3 Firmware. I'm occasionally losing connection between the K810 and my SP3. Also when I hit the Caps Lock key everything goes haywire and my keyboard loses connection to the SP3. I tested my K810 keyboard on a couple different machines (Win 7 laptop and an iPad) and it works perfectly.

These error messages appear in the event logs:


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Additional comment: while it seems most obvious with the K810, I also see this behaviour occur with Microsoft's own Sculpt Mobile keyboard

Enrico D.

I confirm I have the same problem, I don't believe that this happen exactly the day of the firmware update 9/9/14 but to me seem it happened some day after I did the update, might be another update and not the firmware?

by the way, can you tell me how to see that error event logs? so I check also if I have same issue.

thank you


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I've had the same issue - K810 works perfectly with my desktop, iPhone and Macbook Pro, but not with the surface since last week.

Enrico D.

I disabled the setpoint utility from yesterday and I have less issues, but always there are. Because of disconnection even the setpoint utility get problems to see the device so this send in TILT even that utility increasing the errors and things not going well... so better for now to turn off the set point utility, and to me it's going better, sometime still disconnect as I see I just don't toubh it for 10 seconds and leave it calm down... then it works fine.
We have to wait some fix of Logitech at this point seen that Microsoft messed up??

However we should says this in Logitech forum also, buy I guess many users already typing there. If you have more time of me or English native writers, please do it instead or before me, thanks again.


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I had posted elsewhere on the forum a suggestion that the Setpoint software be uninstalled. I have found that in most cases it isn't needed, (not all) and it can conflict with other installed software. The problems are NOT limited to the Surface.


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Re: Bluetooth issues with keyboard disconnects

Update: I noticed that my problems with disconnecting keyboards (Logitech K810 and MS Sculpt Mobile) are almost unexistent if the keyboard and mouse are the only ones that connect over bluetooth. Once I add audio over bluetooth to my Arcam RBLink receiver the problems really start hitting hard ...

That leads me to think that somehow the bluetooth driver's ability to digest a certain required amount of bandwith has decreased with the September update.


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I can confirm I've exactly the same problem with my K810. Very unfortunate as I'm stuck here at a client location for the next two weeks with only the Logitech keyboard available.


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I actually have the same issue on my Surface Pro 3. My Logitech K810 has worked great. I believe the firmware update (v15.68.3055.107) is causing issues with the stability of the bluetooth keyboard.


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I looks likely that the 9/9/14 firmware update is the culprit. How does one bring this to the attention of the Microsoft Surface team?
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