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Programming App for Windows RT


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Hi guys, first post here. My surface is on back order so I still have a couple of weeks left of waiting (dang it!). I was wondering if there is an app (or one in the works if anyone knows) for windows RT that lets you write code for windows 8/rt (Modern UI style).

I really hope there is something like this. That would make the Surface even more useful.

So if anyone knows of anything like this, let me know :) Thanks.

PS. And if there is a way to browse the windows store without having windows 8, that would be really awesome too, because for now I am stuck wishing I had my surface...might just upgrade my laptop to 8 anyway.


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Just came across this post, I haven't found any Apps that will actually let you program on RT. But there is an App called Code Writer that lets you write code with syntax highlighting, you can at least code on your Surface and then Skydrive the files to your computer running Visual Studio.