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PWM dimming on SP4?

PWM dimming shown?

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Does anyone know if the new SP4 uses pulse width modulation (PWM) to dim the screen? This can cause eye-strain for some people like me. PWM is a cheap/crappy way to control the brightness of a display.

You can do a test here:

Blur Busters UFO Motion Tests

Focus on the moving vertical lines with the SP4 at 40% brightness or below. Is the moving line one "solid" blur or can you see any separate lines within the blur?

If it is the latter, there is PWM dimming.


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To help, this is what the difference would look like. Stationary (notice line on right):


Moving without PWM:

Moving with PWM:
PWM is not a "cheap, crappy" way to dim LEDs. It is the standard way to do this. LEDs do not have much of a curve when it comes to brightness vs current.


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I've been in the monitor business for a long time. PWM is precisely a cheap and crappy way to dim an LCD screen. Why do you think so many manufacturers are now touting PWM/Flicker free monitors? Direct DC control and steady voltage changes is a far better method, but costs more.

People go to great lengths to test and record which are flicker free:

Flicker Free Monitor Database

For a new device going into 2016 with PWM dimming it's a very poor design decision. Since it appears no one wants to do this simple test and confirm either way, I'll have to order a SPro4 to test myself. Guess what; if it has PWM it's getting returned.