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Question About Accessories


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Hi I am going to be purchasing a Microsoft Surface Pro on release date and have a couple questions.

1. Will Surface cases work with the Pro? I know they have minor differences in dimensions
2. Will Surface screen protectors work with the Pro? I know they have minor differences in dimensions
3. Who can't wait to pick up the Surface Pro? I know I can't wait!


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Welcome xJaws. I don't think anybody can really answer those questions since we can't try it out yet ;) Generally I would think cases that fit the Surface RT will fit the Pro. Some of the cases that are reported as a tight fit you would want to avoid since the Pro is thicker and adding a type key board would make it even more so. For the most part I don't think the cases currently reviewed are too tight to be used for either device.

I believe the screen protector should be the same size since the screens are the same size though you may have a slight gap on the top/bottom edges when applying it to the Pro. If you are picky about such things it would be better to get the protector specifically for the Pro.

You are not alone in your eagerness and several people are already calculating the quickest way to get theirs on the 9th :D



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1. My RT Incipio is VERY snug. I'd say some MAY fit but larger is better.
2. The screen is the same size as RT.
3. I'll wait!