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Incipio Microsoft Screen Protector

Arizona Willie

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Still waiting for my Pro but the accessories came awhile ago.

Wondering if anyone has used the Incipio Screen Protector they sell on Microsoft's web site for the Pro?

Is it worth the hassle to put it on?

I know it has Gorilla glass. My Xoom does to but I put a Zagg screen protector on it.
I got the Incipio but debating whether to use it or not. Figured I would get it to be on the safe side.
I like screen protectors even on Gorilla Glass. It is a personal preference though. Given the digitizer of the Pro though I think I would be less inclined you use one in that case or at least cautious about how it works with the stylus.
I bought it at the same time as the Surface. there is a pair of protectors in there. I ruined the first one but the second one went on like butter. I hardly even know it's there anymore and saves me from having to baby the screen. I am a die-hard wrapsol user but the incipio looks pretty darned good on there.
Im sure it will work with the active digitizer. in fact you can just hover the pen over the screen and press the blue tip with your finger and it will still ink. I prefer not to put a protector on though because they are a hassle, don't look as clean and nice as the glass, and it will add another layer making the contact point of the digitizer and the actual screen further
Mine works fine with the pen.

After ruining the first sheet trying to put it on, I had the MS store install the second sheet. (free service)

I was just looking at my Incipio and it only looks like there is one protector!

When I put the Zagg screen protector on my Xoom tablet I had to wet it.

According to what passes for instructions on the screen protector package, it doesn't seem as though wetting is needed or desire for the Pro.

Is that correct? Just put it on dry and it sticks on it's own?
Yeah most screen protectors don't need to be wet when applying. The difficulty is that it is very hard to adjust if you don't get it right on the first try
souldier: can you remove the Incipio screen protector ( easily? ) and try again if you don't get it on perfect the first try?
Or do I have to scrape it off with a razor :)
I don't have one, but I have used screen protectors for other devices. You can remove them but if you pull too hard/fast then it will stretch the material and make it unusable so be careful. Secondly, it is a pain because when you are removing it, you end up getting a lot of dust and stuff on it, and so you end up with a bunch of air pockets when you try to reapply it. You can wash the screen protector with lukewarm/slightly warm water, but while you wait for it to dry, dust ends up sticking on it again anyway! If there is dust that gets in, the technique is to use clear tape like a lint roller to get the dust after you apply the protector. Try watching some videos on how to do it properly.

My advice: Get it right the first time! haha.

I'm not going to bother getting a screen protector because I feel I'm just going to end up removing it and wasting my money. That's what happened when I got a screen protector for my cell phone. I removed it from my phone a long time ago, and still don't have a single scratch.
I found the darn Incipio thing to be a dust magnet during install and most of that was on the side that was to be facing the glass. Finally gave up. PITA.
I like protectors but have just been too lazy to find another that was fussy proof during install. If you go for the install it has to be in a very clean atmosphere with very clean hands and steady nerves!
I use a screen protector, not to protect the screen but to make the screen slippery for my fingers. I find the antiglare ones work best for this purpose. I picked up some cheap ones from Amazon ($7 for a pair of them) and they work great. Easy to install and the pen still works fine.