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Questions About The Rechargeable Type Cover 2


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Q1: Does it add any weight to the actual surface?

Q2: Does it have limited recharges before it stops charging?

Q3: If it does have limited recharges how can you tell how many recharges are left?

Q4: How much time does the battery add to the actual surface pro 2?

Q5: How long does it take to charge the cover its self?

Please Try to answer the questions stating which Q# you are answering. Thanks :)


I believe that you are speaking of the Power Cover? I have one on my SP2, got it last week.

1. Yes. It is about 1.2lbs. It basically makes your SP2 weigh as much as a typical middle of the road Ultrabook.
2. All battery devices do - but I believe it will probably outlast your use of the SP2.
3. Again, all battery based devices do - but I have no idea, someone else might be able to tell you how to tell the health of the battery with the Windows battery diagnostic tools.
4. It adds about 3-4 hours of use time for me. But I'm pretty diligent about monitoring CPU usage, closing any stray tasks that start to peg the CPU, etc. I can get about 10-12 hours combined if I am diligent with my battery usage and screen brightness if I am taking notes in meetings, web browsing, email, and other light work. If I am programming, I probably get about 8-9 hours combined with the setup. Really good for my purposes.
5. Not sure, I charge it overnight. Seems to charge pretty quick though.

Other benefits, the SP2 now feels like a laptop on my lap. The keyboard is MUCH better than the Type Cover 2. I have grown to despise my little Purple TC2 after using the Power Cover. Of course, if you need backlit keys at night, remember that the Power Cover doesn't have them.

Hope this is helpful.