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Random reboots/restarts


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Random shutdowns/restarts

Sweet merciful crap on a stick! I must have really angered the Microsoft gods with my last rant. I recently experienced a random shutdown followed (within 2 minutes) by a random restart. A few days ago, I had a spontaneous restart when I detached my keyboard, but this time I wasn't using it. I wasn't doing anything during the first shutdown - in fact, I had just briefly laid it down. The following random reboot occurred while I was rearranging the desktop icons after they got shoved in the corner from the first unexpected shutdown.

Aside from my wacky battery issue, this SP2 has been pretty rock solid since I received it in February.

And I was just starting to entertain the notion of keeping this SP2 and not pursuing MS any further...
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Mine does exactly this but not normally while I'm using it. It usually happens when the power supply is attached. Icons will be bunched up in the corner as if it has been switched to standard VGA!


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You must deliver a blood sacrifice to the Microsoft gods to make amends, one Zune will suffice.
In all seriousness that's something you shouldn't ignore, make your matter known.


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I guess it has been about two weeks since my spate of random restarts and they have not re0curred. I don't know if the latter restarts were related to the earlier keyboard triggered restart. Perhaps it was cosmic rays, or the alignment of the planets, or a fluke. I did perform a volume up and power hold reset after the last restart. I really don't know if that helped...


Oh my god. I've been going crazy for a month with random crashes and restarts. I have two separate issues though, but I've also noticed that if the Surface is laid down a certain way, the keyboard causes the device to automatically restart (I tested it). My desktop icons have also been getting rearranged. Wow...and I thought it was just me.


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I've had the following random restarts under the following scenarios:
  1. Disconnecting the mini DisplayPort cable;
  2. Disconnecting the Type Cover;
  3. Putting the SP2 to sleep by closing it on top of the Type Cover.
Each occurred only once and only since the June Firmware update. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I've never had these issues prior to the June update.

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