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random wakes from sleep


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Hi all, Windows newbie here, venturing over from the mac world.

I have noticed in the last week or so (perhaps since the last update?) that my surface randomly wakes from sleep. Stays up for a bit and then goes back to sleep. Can't fathom a reason why?

Any ideas folks?


Yes, that is since the last update.
I haven't heared of devices going back to sleep. Usually they just refuse to go to sleep, run hot, drain the battery.

Just hung up with MS. They really want to wait until next month for the monthly update schedule to fix this. Unbelievable.
Currently the only safe way is to fully power it down. Thanks to the boot time of Win8.1 this is not too bad, however, still a huge mess.


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Mine has done this for as long as I can remember - event logs show it wakes, checks/installs windows updates then goes back to sleep, barely any battery drain so not too bothered.