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Wifi issues on wake from sleep


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Hi Folks,

I am having some issues when the surfacebook wakes from sleep. More often than not, the wifi shows limited connection (no internet) and requires a toggle of wifi off/on or reboot to fix.

Anyone else have this issue? Any ideas for a fix?


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Prior to the December updates I had the same issues. They seem OK now. One quirk I still have and it's not functional just annoying is the WiFi icon and the Airplane icon in the action center are always both lit up. I can clear the Airplane toggle if I unclick and reclick the WiFi toggle.


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Now that you mention it, this HAS started happening to me within the last 36 hours or so. Nice to know I'm not going mad, I thought it was just me...

Small addendum, seems to happen when I set the clipboard in reverse orientation on the base. It was fine all day, i flippex the screen around to watch some netflix before bed, and it dropped out. disconnected the clipboard again and got black screen.

Playing with it a little more, i removex the clipboard again, wifi went out, tried to do a repair, and got a bsod "driver irql not less than or equal to".

uninstalled/reinstalled the driver, will see if that resolves.
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