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Really Wake from Sleep


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I have a scheduled task that is set to wake from sleep (if necessary). I do the same sort of thing on a Win7 system and it works fine. The problem with the implementation on Win8 is that when the program wakes the system it really doesn't wake it "all the way". The display remains blank, but it seems that the program is running despite this fact that the system really isn't fully awake. This might be fine if the program didn't require "interactive" sorts of services. It fires up IE and uses wsh.SendKeys to mimic interactive behavior. This doesn't really work very well when Windows is fundamentally sleep-walking.

How do I get Win8 to REALLY wake up and return to the state it was in when it went to sleep? In my case this would be restoring to the desktop. Instead (as I've said) the screen is blank and I have to do something like swipe the mouse / pad to get Win8 to really wake up, but then it takes me to the wake-up screen (time, date, network status, charge status display) and then I have to do another manual operation to get beyond that and back to where it was before it went (or was put to) sleep.

fyi - I have the system set to NOT require login when awakening from sleep.

Thanks for any advice / help.
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After getting no response to my question here I continued to research the matter and found a useful thread in the Microsoft Community forums, Disable Lock Screen - Microsoft Community

The short answer is the following link contains a registry edit to disable the lock screen (upon wake up).

The following link re-enables the lock screen (upon wake-up)

I hope anyone else looking for this solution finds this useful.