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Windows Task Scheduler will not wake up Surface Pro


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I am trying to automatically wake the computer from sleep at 2:00 AM to run a backup program. The computer does not wake up at the scheduled time so the backup doesn't run. The result is the same whether I use the Task Scheduler or the scheduler built into the backup program. Nothing. If the computer is awake and I select "Run" from the Task Scheduler window, it runs fine, so the task definition is OK. I use the same task definition on a windows 7 laptop and it works OK too.

I have tried most of the things suggested in various other forums, e.g., making sure Wake Timers are enabled in the power profile, making sure "wake the computer to run this task" is checked in the Task Scheduler, etc. I have confirmed the computer is not waking up at the scheduled time by checking the Windows Event Log, which shows the times when the computer went to sleep and when it woke up. There is no activity in the log any time near the scheduled wake up time.

I understand their are issues with waking up from "connected standby" on the SP2 and SP3, but that sleep mode is supposedly not available on the plain Surface Pro according to several sources. However, strangely, when I do powercfg -a, it says "Standby (connected)" is one of the available modes, and S1, S2, and S3 modes are not supported. Also, when the computer goes to sleep due to idle time or user input, the Event log says it entered "connected standby." What gives?

Also, not sure if its relevant, but "Hibernate" does not appear as a choice in any of the power profile settings pull-down menus. Only Sleep, Shut down, or Do Nothing. I was going to try the same test from hibernate instead of sleep, but I have no way to put the computer into hibernate.

Any help would be appreciated. I really want to be able to wake up the computer to do a backup without having to wake up myself to do it.