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Recovery from Windows 10 preview


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I have purchased my surface pro3 from Dubai, since it was not officially launched in Dubai, I think the shops were selling the US version, so everything is in English and that is perfect..

I installed Windows 10 preview, and now I want to revert back to Win 8 from a Recovery USB that I created two copies.
I followed the instructions, but on both USB sticks that I created,
going through the options: TroubleShoot>Reset your PC > then it displays OS (windows 10 preview)
then I get an error "There was a problem resetting your PC"
I tried the second backup of my recovery USB and got the same error.
I tried Microsoft Support and they advised to Download the recovery from their website, so I did and prepared another USB and this is the problem, when I try to do recovery from the downloaded microsoft website USB recovery, I am getting all recovery options and menus in Japanese and I am worried if I "Reset my PC" option (I have to guess the menu option since they are in Japanese) then Windows will be installed in Japanese. I know there is an option to add languages, but in certain menus (i.e. right click) it will be displayed in Japanese.
anyone can help?


What you can do is insert your usb stick with recovery, make sure Surface is shut down. Press volume down button and then press the on button together with the volume down button until you see the Surface logo. Don't do anything and let the machine reset using your USB media.


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I think the trick is, using your original Recovery Drive, to go into the Advanced options and delete the Windows 10 partition then backup and select the Reset. There's an option to also recreate partitions which may be necessary to put Windows 8.1 in the Recovery partition, I'm not sure.