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Recurring events in Outlook.com -- editing w/o losing data


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I have a repeating/recurring event in my Outlook.com calendar that's been running for some years now. Throughout that time, I've cancelled individual occurrences, moved them, made notes, etc. Now that my schedule is about to slightly change, I need to change the day on which it occurs.

In Google Calendar, there is an option to "Edit this and all future events" for repeating events, but Outlook.com does not offer this. I figured that wasn't that big of a deal since I could just set an end date for the old repeating event (which previously had none) and then start a new event with the same title on the new day. When I went to do this, however, I received a warning that I would lose all of my data pertaining to the old event (i.e., all exceptions and notes). This is most inconvenient as I occasionally need to go back and review historical events in my calendar.

Is there some sort of work-around for this? I love Outlook.com vs Google's services, but I just can't understand why little things like this cannot be fixed. Thoughts?