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Refugee from Android Land...


I'm getting ready to buy a new tablet, and I'm strongly considering a Surface 2. I haven't had my Xperia Tablet S for a year, but it's been such a colossal disappointment (along with my Xperia Play) as the software is so buggy with both I've had to change the phone and the tablet isn't enjoyable anymore.

Android wasn't an option after my bad experiences (that and my opinion of Google), so I initially gravitated toward an iPad, but Microsoft surprised me with the Surface 2, so I'm probably going with it first.

Anyway, nice to find what seems to be a calm forum.


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I have had Android tablets for well over 2 years now. First Galaxy Tab and now Galaxy Note 10.1. The latter is a great device, but the new version they have now released, even though very powerful and functional, is more expensive than the Surface 2 so I decided to try Surface 2. Will keep my Note 10.1 for some time to see if I can make the switch or not.


I had an Asus Transformer Tf101 and loved it. At the time I also had an Android Phone and thought they were great devices. I made the switch to a Surface RT and a Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone. I haven't looked back at all!