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Refund Surface Pro internationally?


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Hey guys,
I got my Surface Pro imported from a BestBuy store in the US. I am living in Germany.
Now my problem is, I've already gotten my Surface Pro replaced for two times by Microsoft store. That means I am now owning a third Surface Pro.
The problems are that the casing is glued incorrectly for the third time and I got display bleeding problems.
I am not any longer satisfied with this device and don't want to waste my time by sending the computer in and receiving another Surface with another problem. That's why I called Microsoft and asked for refund, because I've already sent it in for two times. They woman told me she couldn't find where my Surface Pro was bought, I think because I got it out of a best buy store instead of a Microsoft Store. But it is a legacy device which I can get replaced by Microsoft. BestBuy was a official reseller of Microsoft and now my question is, how and who can I ask for refund? This surface I got here at home is from Microsoft, they sent it to me for the third time. But they can't replace it because they can't find it in their systems?

Please, I need help. Thanks in advance.