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No extended holiday gift period for UK refunds.

Kid Groucho

New Member
Bought a surface on 11 December and had it as a gift from my wife on 25 december and now want to return it to the UK store for a refund.
But UK store only allow 14 days to return for refund from date of purchase.
However I see that the USA store allows a holiday gift period for refunds to 31 January 2013.
I'm somewhat racked off...I don't suppose anyone has an email address for someone high up in Microsoft I can have a moan at?
In the UK if it's not faulty then they don't even need to give you 14 days, unless it was bought online/mail order etc. (so-called distance selling) in which case you have up to 7 working days after you receive it whether it's faulty or not. It's the store that's responsible for upholding your consumer rights so complaining to Microsoft probably won't help - though it's always worth a punt. ;)