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remap keyboard screen-brightness buttons to volume controls?


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I hate hate hate that msft dropped the volume controls from the original Type cover. Since then, the keyboard has had keys for controlling the brightness of the keyboard, which i don't believe i have ever used on either my type cover 2 or 3.

by any chance can they be remapped to function as volume controls? (which I use all the time). of course it's a first-world problem to have to reach up to the side of the tablet in order to change the volume, but it bugs me every day.

registry hacks welcome...


If you get AutoHotKey and make a .ahk with this simple script below, it will make it to where when you hold Windows Key+up arrow volume goes up, and hitting Windows Key+Down arrow turns volume down.

#Up::Send {Volume_Up}
#Down::Send {Volume_Down}

There are more complicated ones you can find that will show you a message/image of volume, but I can not check them out while at work. Here are some links:
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