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repeatedly failed update

Arizona Willie

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My Surface Pro with Windows 8.1 has tried to update a dictionary several times and failed every time!!


Any way to fix this?


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I don't know, but I get the same failure. My Surface 2 was stuck on a black screen this morning, and I think it hung late last night (12:47 am or something) just as I had put it to sleep. I had to do a hard power-button shutdown to restart it, and that one update won't install now. I'm ignoring it for the moment since it's just a dictionary update...


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I chose to hide that update on my Pro 2.

I have heard that we **should** shortly see another firmware update that will fix a few issues,


I have the same issue. However, i noticed that the failed dictionary update is version 16.1.625 whereas a previous successful update is version 16.1.627 (11/18/13)...so that may be the cause...it came after that one but it seems to be and older version...pretty strange....


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The problem happens because we received a newer package than that one. It's something that MS needs to fix on Windows update. Just ignore it for now.