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Windows updates on RT


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Has anyone else had any trouble getting the surface to properly install the windows updates? The majority of the updates are listed as failed on my surface and it's getting quite annoying. It's also quite difficult to attempt to update the failed files again, as there isn't really an option. Performance of the surface has been buggy for quite a while with regular freezing, so I assume this may be due to the lack of updates.

I'm going to completely reset the surface and attempt to update again. If it still doesn't work I'm beginning to think I either have a faulty device, or the surface RT just sucks.

I hope it's the former as the surface RT is a great little machine when it actually works.
Try a refresh first then a rest. Very good chance one of those will have you running fine in no time.
It sounds like somehow you have a corrupted OS. If you cannot reinstall the updates successfully, execute a refresh when you have a few hours to spare. The refresh works fantastic, it just takes time and you have to reinstall updates once complete, which you are going to have to do anyway. I'd check to make sure your system time is accurate before the refresh though as if that is off, sometimes it will not let the computer automatically install software.
So I did a refresh and the problem persisted.

I then did a full system reset.... updated the surface and everything is peachy. I'm not sure why it happened, but the reset did the trick and now the surface seems to be performing significatnly better.

Fingers crossed it stays like this!
My surface has been doing this too. I haven't tried anything yet as I don't feel like resetting everything just to get updates, so we will see.