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Reset to Factory Question: Surface RT


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I have a question about the RT. I removed the recovery partition from my Surface and misplaced the USB drive. I'm thinking I can rest my RT to the factory state thus recovering my recovery partition.

This is a theory I have. Do any of you think that this will work to recover my recovery partition?
the recovery partition is where the 'restore' or 'reset' files were stored, if you removed that you cannot reset. You might be able to find the recovery files available for download and place them on a USB and then reset the device.
Ive seen a few people online that have uploaded the recovery partition. Do some googling and youll find it. Or just update to 8.1 RT.... :wink:
I have upgraded to Windows 8.1, however I have decided to get a Surface 2 and give my original surface to my step son for his birthday, but when I try and restore to factory settings it says that I have missing files.......

Does anyone have any ideas?
Hello all
I have done alot of testing with win 8 and win 8.1 on the rt. And this is how it works. If you delete the recovery on the rt to gain space. And you install the 8.1 the recovery partition will not be there. You have to install win 8 off your thumb drive to factory specs and your recovery drive will be there and then when you install the win 8.1 you will have the recovery drive there. It works the same on pc's ,surface pro and the rt. So in short you have to have the recovery on the machine or it won't be there when you up grade or clean install 8.1. hope it helps.

Also if you don't have the recovery partition when you upgrade to win 8.1, you won't be able to make a recovery image on a USB because the image isn't there . If you go to recovery its grayed out.
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