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Resolution Scaling


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Has anyone had any issues with resolution scaling for certain games? I am having this issue on World of Warcraft. I want to be able to run the game in a non-native res because the 2180x1440 is unnecessary and I would get a much better FPS if I downscaled. (18-20 FPS native, can get 40+ if I lower the res)

However, the issue that comes up is the game letterboxes and basically shrinks with black all around it the smaller the resolution I go. I can get a workaround for this issue when I change the desktop res before booting the game and it runs just fine like that, but I don't understand why it won't fill the screen when I have the desktop at native res.

It just a hassle having to change res for solely the game and having to manually adjust when not in use, plus I often minimize to view other apps while the game is running..

any insight or tips would be much appreciated.

I do have the updated intel drivers because I thought maybe the control panel would have a fix, but I am unable to find one.


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Some games are designed for specific monitor aspect ratios (16:9, 5:4, etc.) Surface is 3:2 which is not a popular aspect ratio. For some multi-player games, having a different aspect ratio and presenting additional game content may be a competitive advantage, so some games may limit the visible playing area only to common aspect ratios.

Please refer to this thread for additional options on setting custom resolutions:

Try setting a lower resolution that is 3:2 aspect ratio like 1080x720 and see how the game reacts.
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I will give this a shot when I am home with my Surface and will update the thread. Thank you for the help.