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[RESOLVED] Problems Logging Into Curzon on Demand

doc martin

New Member
Hi Folks
I am UK based and use the 'Curzon on demand' service on my pc and tv. I tried logging on to the site from my surface Rt and it won't log on. Curzon seem to have zilch experience of Surface so have run out of ideas. Can anyone help?
The problem:i go to www.curzon on demand page and attempt to log in to my films. It let's me type user name and password but submitting (or pressing enter on key board) just clears the log in details and returns me to blank. If I deliberately enter a false password it sends back an error message though -don't know if that's significant.
Attempted solutions: Curzon had 2 suggestions -try using desktop rather than metro and press enter or submit. No joy.
I then found this forum and carefully followed all the steps to add Curzon to the whitelist. No joy.

I'm not that clever on web pages or programming but I do like to solve a problem......
Doc martin
Hi Doc, welcome to the forum. Have you tried compatibility mode in the desktop browser? In the address bar touch the broken page icon and then try logging into the site and see if that works.