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Solved Can't login, Project won't go away, HELP


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Running the latest firmware, I checked for updates yesterday. Watch this video on this tweet to see what's happening, I'll try to explain below.

On a fresh boot up, I get the pretty picture login screen, and Turning on camera.... and it never turns on. I can swipe up and log in fine. If I lock it, let it timeout and auto-lock, or press the button to turn off the tablet (press once), and then try to come back in, I get the pretty login picture, still Turning on camera..., then i swipe up and I get a blank screen and the windows Project options appear on the right. And it flickers open and closed, even if I press an option. I can't type in my password to login. I have to now hold the power button until it shuts down completely, like 15 seconds or so. Come back in and it works. Then if it locks, I go through it all over again.

This happens EVERY time I lock this sucker, which is several times a day. I've stopped using it.

It started while I was on vacation last week. I checked it out Thursday (since I'm on vaca I don't visit it frequently) and saw it started happening.

Also doesn't matter if I disconnect from base, same joy occurs.


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Fixed! I had Avatron.com Air Display installed. This is not supported in Win10, though I like to push the envelope. I uninstalled it and I still had the issues. There was a display device called Air Display. I uninstalled the drivers, deleted them, and disabled the now unknown device. Reboot and things are feeling better already.

Also, my facial login is working again, just had to reconfigure it.