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Ridiculous german surface support

Daniel Saager

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Hi there,
I order my surface pro 3 right after the announcement in July. The screen broke around new year. The surface didn’t fall down or anything like this. But this is not the point…

My journey with MS Surface support started 5. Jan. with the nice but surprising statement, that this kind of damage is part of the guarantee. I stated that I need the device for my daily work and I like to get a device as fast as possible even if this kind of service causes extra costs. No possibility.

After 10 days the surface returned unrepaired. Statement: This damage is not part of the guarantee.

After this the MS support was unable to reinitiate the process because of a technical problem. After one week (!) the support was able to starts the second try on 23. Jan. They must deregister my device because the guarantee ended 1.1.1900. OK. I was billed 320 EUR for the repair and extend my maintenance for 150 EUR. Again I said, that I like to have a device in advance. But no chance

Guess what: Today the device returned unrepaired. I like to speak to someone who is really responsible- not the poor agent. But no one is available for me. Said story

I gave MS around 2000 EUR for the surface and with all required equipment.

Could I expect better service? I think yes.

I like to have comments from MS Surface Support Team. May be there is someone, who is interested...




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