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Surface Book screen loose/making sound


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Has anyone else experienced the same? The screen is loose and makes a clicking sound when pressing the screen on a certain spot. This just happens in this specific area. The videos explain more:

Microsoft reklamaatio

I am getting my Surface Book replaced, but there is a big issue with that. I am getting a refurbished one which condition can be anything from new to trash. Even the Microsoft official service told that you never know what you get as a replacement. After reading these forums, it is obvious that the refurbished Surface books do not work properly as many users had to replace the refurbished surface book several times before they got working one. Other than this, my Surface book is like new and because of that, I will not accept refurbished one as it is not what I have paid for. It is disgusting how terrible Microsoft customer service is. They give you promises which they cannot fulfill. For example, they promised to provide me a link where I can leave my complaint about this replacement. Well, I did not receive that.

My journey with the Surface book has been a nightmare from the beginning. When I ordered my Surface book from Microsofts Official website (Finland), they charged my purchase twice from my credit card and because of that, my credit limit was exceeded by over 1000 EUR and the bank would have closed my credit card if I wouldn't work in the bank myself. Well, this situation lasted for two weeks since Microsoft was unable to do their work and cancel the payment. To solve this mess, it took me over 10 contacts on Microsoft and bank and took me several hours. Nothing happened when I contacted Microsofts customer service, they just pretty much ignored me and told me to contact my bank even though I told them that you are already speaking with my bank as I work in the bank and handle this kind of topics on a daily basis. What was most ridiculous, to cancel the double charge, they gave me number which belong to their ex-worker who told that nowadays he has nothing to do with Microsoft. In addition that, they told me that I could use regular letter and send it to their HQ in Finland. After this, I realize that I'm speaking with idiots or with clerks that don't want or cannot understand anything.

Well, my last hope was to contact them on Facebook. Almost after two weeks, over 10 contacts, several wasted hours, I got contact from Microsoft Finlands Chief sales manager or something like that (cannot remember his exact title). After that the problem was solved pretty quick and I hoped that I will never ever have an issue with the Surface book as I knew Microsofts customer service is just useless and same goes with their service (which is funny that even have to contact them in first place when I buy such "high-end" laptop). Next step is that I am contacting Finnish consumer complaint board. While this rocky journey continues, I will keep updating this just as a warning; do not deal with Microsoft ever.

This time I have to admit my mistake; I should have been a wise from a distance and stayed on Apple products since they most like a function like promised and if don't, unlike Microsofts, their service actually works. When I get my surface book, new or refurbished, one thing is sure; I am never ever going to use Microsoft products as the quality and the level of service and support is so terrible.