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Atm i'm reading my News with the nextgen reader but does anyone know if there is a possibility to sync the whole Content of all the News before i even clicked on them? Or is there a rss reader who can do so?


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Aw: Rss reader

You may have a look at news bento - a nice rss reader that's maybe the right thing for you.


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I have NextGen set to sync on startup. It works well and loads all of the articles, which it does fine except it doesn't grab the images. This is odd since the Windows Phone version will grab the images when syncing via WiFi, so not sure why the Windows 8 version wouldn't do so as well.


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Aw: Rss reader

the problem with both of them is that i need an app which downloads the extra content to mobilize the news.. the half of my news sites just give me the introduction.. so a mix of nexgen and grub (which i just discovered) would be perfect.

edit: ok if i use instataper in grub or nextgen it works on almost every news page, just my favorite doesnt work :)
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