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eBook Reader | Management | Cross-Platform Solution?


Hi everybody,

As there is a dearth of feature-rich ebook reading applications in the Windows Store, none of which fully suit my needs, I thought I might reach out to the community, and learn what solutions others have devised for reading.

First of all, I have an assortment of file types and formats, in terms of reading material. I have ePubs from various sources, a few Mobi and Kindle-specific book files, and a very large assortment of PDFs, mostly academic and research documents. I have no loyalty to any specific book vendors, and no strong platform preference. I have files scattered around. I have Calibre on my notebook PC, which I use to manage my library and read ePub files. I use Calibre and SumatraPDF on my laptop for reading. I have Calibre on my Surface Pro, accessing a library stored on OneDrive, though I have yet to fully work out syncing the library, bookmarks, and annotations seamlessly. For reading, the least clumsy option I have found seems to be the Nook reader, and I have tried several.

In addition, I have Aldiko, and Moon Reader, on my android smartphone, which I use to access the same books off of the OneDrive directory.

None of this is particularly elegant or intuitive.

I would like to be able seamlessly sync my library (ideally) and bookmarks, annotations and reading position across devices. I know that this would be possibly if I were to migrate to the Google Play Books system, but I feel that I am immersed enough into the Google ecosystem, making this an unappealing option.

I've tried the cloud based reading solutions, Txtr and LiveMargin, both of which are somewhat clumsy, seemingly unpredictability, and with questionable longevity.

Is there a better way to sync my library, annotations, bookmarks, and reading position (presumably by way of Calibre) seamlessly across my Windows 8 laptop, Surface Pro Modern UI, and Android?

Perhaps this is too much too ask.
I'm interested to learn how others manage their reading across devices.

Thanks in advance for any input.


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I use Calibre on my desktop to manage my library From there I drag and drop onto Google Books in my desktop to upload. My library is 15GB so cloud is not really an option. Google Books only supports EPUB and PDF. Calibre can do the conversion from Mobi to EPUB if they are not DRM'd

I also read some papers and books with Drawbaoard PDF so I can annotate.

Google Books will sync bookmarks and page location between Devices. There is an App on Android, no App on win App store but I just use the Chrome Browser Plugin App and it works fine.