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RT Microphone/Headphone Jack issue


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Hello all,

here is an issue which was seemingly answered by someone from Microsoft but did not deliver any good result:

External mic input bug on Surface RT - Microsoft Community

I can't understand why the Surface won't recognize a microphone when one is plugged into the 3.5 headphone jack, as it is reportedly also a line in connector. I tried to connect one (amplified, line out) and it was only recognized as a headphone, which is wrong.

Apart from the meantioned post, I could not yet find any additional Information on that issue. Up till now, Google doesnt turn up many results concerning the surface, which is somehow irritating.

If anyone stumbles over another hint or knows how to configure the Tegra chipset or Windows manually on MICROPHONE, that would be great.



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What bug? The 3.5mm combo-jack works perfectly fine, I use it with Skype most of the time.

On the link you posted, digitslgeek was asking about TRS or TRRS, and the answer is TRRS. Therefore, if your microphone plug is TRS, it will be detected as headphone.


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But that is what I needed to know (and what the microsoft guy did not say). Thanks Arnold.
I guess I just get the adapter trs-trrs and connect my microphone with the surface.
Is there any good recording software out yet by chance?


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If you have the Pro, my personal favorite is Audacity. If you have the RT, I did not search the market yet because I want Audacity. If you're willing to jailbreak your RT, then it was mentioned in this forum that Audacity is available for the RT.