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[Rumor] Microsoft May Launch Surface 3 and Surface Mini Before the Holidays


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According to some supposedly leaked intel, Microsoft is not only planning to launch a Surface 3 by the holidays of this year, they are also planning a Surface Mini. Both of these devices have been rumored for a while, and seemed like they were mostly put on the "back-burner" or scrapped altogether. Of course, the tech industry shifts rapidly, especially in the mobile world, so this is probably not too surprising if it turns out to be true.

What do you think? Would this be a well-timed move by Microsoft?

Source: TKTechNews


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New device(s) for the Holidays, good.
The buzz generated by the Surface Pro 3 should create some pull through for lower price point units. Not everyone can afford a grand or more for their devices. Aside from analysts, most people that use a Surface like it... even the much underrated Surface with Windows RT.

but who knows what they will do... a lot of talk implies they will wait for W10. IMO that would be a mistake especially since they just delayed it. There's usually a lot more talk prior to a release than one tweet though. Its been remarkably quiet since the late July rumors and we know how anonymous sources not authorized to speak love to speak.


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IMO, the only thing that could make the SP3 better would be access to my AT&T data plan. However, currently, I just turn my smartphone into a wifi hotspot and access my SP3 through that. I did that at the airport last week. Their free wifi really sucks.


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Jim, he's dead. Time to regroup and focus on areas of strength including the Surface Pro line.
I think a 3 x 2 aspect ratio Surface Mini would be an ideal companion to my SP3. The current Surface aspect ratio is just a little too tall in portrait mode for convenient small tablet use such as an ebook reader, etc.
If they just add an N-trig digitizer, and make Windows RT support installing desktop apps from the Windows Store (perhaps using .msi installers), then I think the Surface RT line could be a good light task companion that could replace some light-user's laptop.


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I got rid of my 8.9" device, it was too small for my tastes. Would have needed another prescription for glasses and had to use stylus instead of fingers a lot. 9.7 is barely passable but I much prefer larger.