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[RUMOR] Microsoft Woos Samsung to the Tune of $1bn

cereal killer

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In case you missed the big "rumor" framed in brackets, we are chalking this up as -- yes -- rumor, but a good one it is. According to blogger Eldar Murtazin, who has a pretty good hit to miss ratio, Microsoft might be trying to woo Samsung into getting serious with its Windows Phone product portfolio. How serious? Pretty darn serious. The Redmond company has allegedly put as much as $1 billion, yes billion, on the table in the hopes that Samsung will bite and expand its Windows Phone product portfolio.

Microsoft has plenty of cash laying around, and what better way to spend it than get the Android handset manufacturing giant on board and helping to push the Windows Phone platform. We've all seen how Sammy loves to throw marketing dollars at their product(s), and with MSFT's financial support this could prove to be a pretty potent alliance.

Samsung certainly doesn't need the money, but with $1bn dollars on the table and no licensing fee's (another rumor), it sure looks like a very tempting proposition. A billion dollars can go a long way when you already have a couple of toes in the Windows Phone space. Readers? Should they take the bait or fuggetaboutit?