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Samsung 13 inch Ativ Q- Win 8 Android


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What do you guys think of this new Sammy Win8/ Android. Looks nice for 13inch but would be perfect if they had an 8 inch version or the 13 inch with detachable keyboard.


Another Video---- [video=youtube;roYxzktJFj4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roYxzktJFj4&feature=player_embedded[/video]
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$1500 minimum with those specs and worth every penny. If they can manager to bring this in around $1200 they are gonna put the hurt on everybody. I'll frankly be amazed if the S-pen can work lag free with that resolution.

** With that kind of resolution, let's hope MS has fixed the external monitor zoom bug by the time this releases else you'll be looking at a 200% zoom on your external monitor just to be able to read text on the Q.
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