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Samsung's ATIV Q Brings Android Apps To Windows 8 Tablet


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This isn't s Surface tablet story, but it is intriguing because we see the first competitive Samsung Windows Tablet.

Convertible tablets running Windows 8 are a big thing right now. With Windows 8′s redesigned interface that screams “touch screen only,” it seems logical that it would find such a cozy home on tablets. Most Windows 8 tablets provide great functionality and productivity but let’s face it: the app selection leaves a little to be desired.

Which may be precisely why Samsung has unveiled the ATIV Q. The convertible tablet will feature Windows 8 operating system and Android (Jellybean 4.2.2) on the same device. This will give users access to Google GOOG +0.29% Play, which means you’ll be able to utilize your Android apps on your Windows device. Oh, snap.

For a few months now, Android devices have not only led the mobile pack in device sales, but also in app sales. According to a Canalys report from April of this year, Google Play accounts for more than half of all apps downloaded. Windows and Blackberry devices, on the other hand, accounted for a paltry 9% of app downloads. (Though, naturally, Apple AAPL +0.04% still accounts for the majority of revenue from apps sales.)

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