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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S launches for $899 (finally)


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Samsung's new Surface clone is finally available in the US. For $899, you can get a TabPro S with similar specs to the entry level Surface Pro 4 - m3, 4GB and 128GB. However, the keyboard is included in base price for the TabPro S, but the stylus is not. The TabPro S has a smaller and lower resolution screen than the SP4, and a single USB-C port. On the plus side, the TabPro S is thinner and lighter than even the iPad Pro.

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BestBuy has the TabPro S on their website, but incorrectly states that the keyboard is not included. The TabPro S will also be sold online at Microsoft.com.


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it has 4g lte!!!!
Finally a larger windows tablet for the road warrior
just wish it had more ram ( 8gigs)
For 8GB RAM see the HP Elite x2 or Spectre x2 or Lenovo Mix 700 or X1 tablet (just released hi end model).
HP in their marketing brilliance created the Elite x2 tablet and followed with an Elite x3 phone. LOL. (Id refer to them as the colloquial mentally challenged donkeys if it was politically acceptable.)