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Wacom digitizer Windows 8 vs Galaxy Note 10.1

Tom T

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I had an opportunity today to spend a considerable amount of time with a Samsung Ativ 500, an Atom based tablet if you are not familiar with it, and my main concern was to compare the stylus input of this device and the Galaxy Note 10.1. I assume the experience will be similar to the Surface Pro even thought the Ativ has a lower resolution screen. The Samsung included S Note, a similar app to that included with the Note, but my main interest was testing the usefulness of the Stylus in OneNote. A long story short, although I think Samsung has done an admirable job integrating the Stylus (S Pen is their branded name for it in both the Note and the Ativ devices) into the Android OS the experience with the Stylus under Windows 8 is simply superior. OneNote is an awesome app anyway, but with the Wacom digitizer it is spectacular. The ability to ink, then select and recognize text with only the Stylus is intuitive and efficient. Microsoft has done a wonderful job integrating Stylus support in their new OS, and detractors be ****ed I love Windows 8!


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My issue with the SP stylus is the hard plastic nib. Writing on a glass surface with such a hard nib wrecks havoc with my already dicey handwriting. I wish MS would offer aftermarket rubber tipped and felt nibs. Not only do they not provide them it seems they are actively warning vendors off from saying theirs will work. The new Wacom Bamboo Feel nibs are said to work but call Wacom and they will swear they don't. Strange.

Like the one-angle-fits-all kickstand, MS seems to enjoy making questionable choices for us and failing to provide any alternatives.


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@mitch they use standard wacom feel tips it may require a re cal after you put it in but you can order them from wacom. The surface pro and the note 10.1 use the same digitizer. I know this because i have a stylus that works across the line of note devices and my sp