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HowTo Save those beautiful automatic LockScreen Highlight images - Free


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I use Windows Hello. Very convenient. But sometimes, as my face is being recognized or I am about to enter my PIN, I see that my lock screen is using a beautiful or interesting image chosen by Microsoft. These images are different than the default Bing image of the day. The image shows in landscape or portrait mode, depending upon the orientation of my screen, as it should.

But I wanted to collect some of those images, as they are often high-quality options for my desktop image (wallpaper). The images change every few days.

I found out where Windows 10 stores them, and wrote an old-fashioned BATCH file to capture them, and place them in a personal folder, where I can then choose the ones I want.


You only have to do steps 1 thru 7 once. You are creating a BATCH file.

1. Right-click on the Desktop, and choose New, Text document.
2. Type the name of your new document. I chose LockScreenImages for mine.
3. Double-click to open the document, and copy then paste in the following:
@echo off
@echo off
@rem ******************************************************
@rem * Save Windows 10 LockScreen Spotlight Images        *
@rem * by Doug Sharp                                      *
@rem *                                                    *
@rem * Creates .jpg files in a user folder                *
@rem * Be sure to copy images you like into other folders *
@rem *                                                    *
@rem ******************************************************
@set destination="%HOMEPATH%\LockScreenImages"
@if not exist %destination% mkdir %destination%
@del /q %destination%\*.*
@copy %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\Assets\*.* %destination% /Y 1>NUL
@rename %destination%\*.* *.jpg
@copy nul %destination%>nul
@explorer %destination%
@msg %username% /w /v /time:20 "LockScreen Spotlight images are in %destination%" 1>NUL

4. At the top of the Notepad window, click Save As.
5. In the File Name box, type LockScreenImages.bat
6. In the Save as type: box, choose "All Files", then click Save at the bottom of the window.
7. Close the Notepad window.

You may move this new BATCH file to any folder you wish, or keep it, or a shortcut to it on the Desktop.

Now you are ready to try it.
Double-click the new BATCH file. A message will pop up to tell you that images are available in a special folder. Your computer will browse to that folder. You may want to sort them by size. Drag and drop or Copy/Paste any images you wish to save into any folder of your choice for safe keeping. You can even rename the images or edit them from the folder of your choice.

Now if you happen to see an image you really like on your Lock Screen, double-click this batch file to capture the image!


Here is how the new BATCH file looks on my computer:

Here is the special pop up message after I ran the BATCH file:

Here is what my folder looks like at the time of this posting. Other small icon images may be present in your folder, also.