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SB Still not sleeping when plugged in


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Since the February update my i7/16GB SB now goes into a low-power state when not plugged in, but still almost always fails to go into this state while plugged into my Surface Dock, and sometimes just plugged into the regular charger. It worries me because I open it up and it's warm (not hot) to the touch, and as soon as I log in the fan kicks on to dissipate the heat that built up. The first sleep study below is with wireless allowed on during charged sleep, the second with that turned off. Both times, it spent 0% time in the low-power state. Is this normal, or expected since it doesn't need to conserve energy? I just don't like that it's heating up while closed. Also, even with the low-power state finally enabled I'm occasionally losing 2-4% in an hour or two of sleep (not plugged in). How about everyone else? Any similar experiences?


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I just came to post this. I usually leave my laptop unplugged so it was sleeping fine as far as I know. However, the last few days I've been leaving it closed and plugged in and I woke up today with it super hot and not turned off. In fact, even if I select "sleep" in the menu, it doesn't actually go to sleep... this laptop is frustrating me to no end.