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SB2 not connecting to external monitor.


So here is the setup. I've been using a 2015 MBP and it connects fine to an LG TV that I have via MiniDisplay - HDMI or just a regular HDMI cable.

I used the same mini display - hdmi cable from the SB2 to the LGTV, but the TV says there's no signal.

So after some googling it could be that the cable is for Mac TB2 only. (not sure).

I went out and bought another miniD - HDMI cable. Still no signal.

I bought a Mini D to HDMI dongle - still no luck.

I bought a USB C to HDMI cable - says connecting... then no signal.

The same cables are all plug and play on the MBP, so the cables are not faulty.

The funny thing is I took the entire setup to the store where I bought the SB2 and dock, and said they sold me a faulty unit.

With the same cables and the same dock using my computer, they used a monitor in their store and it connected flawlessly.

Any ideas why the TV I have at home is not working, yet the same cables with a MBP works fine?

Thanks in advance. Help out a frustrated brother here :(


Try the display cache clear routine indicated here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us...roubleshoot-surface-dock-and-docking-stations

It works for me when the SB gets confused about external displays, whether or not I have the Dock attached...
This is amazing. Thank you very much! After it worked, I just realized I wasted all that money when all I needed was a USB-C to HDMI cable. LOL.

Do you also know by any chance if any of those connections will actually give you a better picture compared to the others?