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Surface Book and the Surface Dock External Display Issues


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I recently bought the Surface book and the docking station. I have two external monitors, only using one for now. They are Acer S231HL, I have tried two different adaptor Inland Displayport to HDMI and Belkin Displayport to HDMI cable. I have not been able to get neither of them to work with my monitor. I do not want to keep buying adaptors if they are not going to work. Has anyone had issues with these monitors and the docking station? When I connect the monitor to my dock, the monitor isn't even recognized, same if I were to connect it directly to the Surface.
I have purchased three different brands of adapters, now on Microsoft brand adapters. Still no luck. At this point and I am all out of options. Also, I have tried Mini DP to DP and it is working just fine.

I have also tried SFC /FORCE from CMD Admin and still the adapters do not work.


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I purchased the adapters that Microsoft recommended on their 'Troubleshooting Surface Dock' page.

Troubleshoot Surface Dock | Get help with docking station for Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

However, the adapter they recommend (HDMI is the one I purchased), doesn't equal a flawless experience. I still have trouble sometimes when my machine wakes up or hibernates with it not recognizing one or both of my monitors. It works for the most part, it's just when I need to unlock my PC quickly that the SB seems to realize it and play dumb.