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Scaling Issues, Maybe Get a New 4K Monitor


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Hi Folks,

Currently have a SP4, but have had most of them on and off the past couple of years. I really like the SP4 and Windows 10, but the scaling and resolution differences between displays is driving me nuts. I currently have a 22" 1080p external display connected via mini displayport to the SP4. It's scaled at 100%, the SP4 is scaled to 200%. The problem with this configuration is that outlook 2016 looks fuzzy. Mostly, just outlook and since I run outlook more than anything else on this monitor, it bugs me.

I've tried changing resolutions and adjusting the scaling between the 2, but can't come up with something that makes me happy.

My suggested solution is to get a 4k external display so I can scale it at 200%, the same as my SP4. From my tests and readings, this is a suitable, although overkill, solution.

If you all agree that a new 4k monitor at 200% scaling is a viable solution, then my next question is which one? I want to drive it at 60 hz. I was looking at these 2 models and wanted to see if any one had an opinion or better yet has one and can confirm it can be driven at 60 hz.



Thanks for any feedback.