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Scaling issues with SP4 on external monitor during hibernate


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I currently use my SPro4 with W10 1511 installed and a surface pro 4 dock (the one with the cable) attached to two identical external monitors with 1920x1080 resolution. One of the external monitors is set to be the primary display.

The screen of the Pro is set to 200% scaling whereas both external screens are set to 100% so far everything is working as expected and even moving windows from the external to the SPro4 screen works well with the windows scaling properly.

However, there is a very annoying problem if I go into hibernate while being disconnected from the dock.

If I reactivate the SPro4 from hibernate with the dock connected, the login screen is displayed on the external monitor with correct scale, however if I login, the icons on the desktop are at 200% size whereas all other UI elements are scaled properly at 100%. The only way to resolve this is by logging of an on again with the dock connected at the expense of closing all my open programms...