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Scanner support for WinRT?


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I'm developing an app for Win8/RT which supports scanning. The scanning API was added by Microsoft in WinRT 8.1. I'm able to successfully scan from a few scanners in Windows 8.1, but WinRT doesn't seem to support any. Can anyone verify if a scanner is supported on WinRT? Even on full Windows, scanners are still not supported well. Here's my findings so far:

HP Laserjet 3200 Multifunction - supported in Win8.1, not supported in WinRT
Canon P-215 wand scanner - not supported in any version of modern windows (ISIS/TWAIN/CUSTOM apps work from Win32 apps)
Brother DS-600 wand scanner - supported in Win8.1, not supported in WinRT
Fujitsu Scansnap S1300 - not supported in Win8.1 nor WinRT (custom Win32 app works in full Windows)


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Here is the list of manufacturers included and some of the devices:
Screenshot (89).png
Screenshot (90).png
Screenshot (91).png
Screenshot (92).png
Screenshot (93).png
Screenshot (94).png


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How about HP scanners (more precisely 3-in-1s)? Cant seem to get my Surface 2 to work with my HP e-print device (its the 3520 model).